Life does not come with instructions. Situations arise that are tough to process, difficult to accept, or challenging to understand. We become emotionally distressed. We cope the best way we can, at times resorting to unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving that perpetuate our pain. This is a place of new beginnings. A place that fosters your growth and increases your capacity to cope effectively. A place that helps you craft a concrete plan to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Read more below about the services Koziol Therapy and Coaching offers and to find out how to begin your journey towards optimal mental, emotional, and physical wellness.


Key Components to Success


Self-awareness embodies a deep-rooted knowledge of your needs, emotions, values, strengths, weaknesses, triggers, motivations as well as reactions to yourself and others. The practice of increasing self-awareness is a learned process and can be challenging if you do not know where to start or how to progress. We work together as you begin to align your life in accordance with your highest values, beliefs, and needs.


Difficulties in communication with your loved ones can be painful. Communicating effectively takes guidance and practice. We work together as your learn and relearn ways of communicating that allow you to be understood and to assertively convey your needs. This, in turn, will minimize feelings of guilt and frustration often associated with being unable to fully express yourself.

Personal Growth

The process of personal growth is filled with obstacles, joys, challenges, and triumphs. You are exactly where you need to be on your own journey towards your vision. My role as your therapist or coach is to provide the support, guidance, feedback, and encouragement necessary to increase your sense of competence and fulfillment in this process.



Koziol Therapy and Coaching offers individualized services in psychotherapy, life coaching, and holistic nutritional coaching.


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