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It’s hard to be honest with yourself. Yet, facing yourself is your most courageous act. When you truly look within yourself, including where you currently are in life and your deepest insecurities, you might discover your own broken promises and discrepancies between how you want things to be and how they presently are. This will feel uncomfortable and you will want to avoid and block these thoughts and feelings. This, however, will further perpetuate the process of stagnation as avoidance and blocking only increases feelings of helplessness and dissatisfaction. Honoring the uncomfortable feelings is the first step towards change that allow you to develop new patterns of behavior when faced with these difficult or unfamiliar emotions. You are on your own journey and staying aware of your internal landscape is necessary to increase self-understanding, self-love, and peace of mind. We will work together to acknowledge your internal experience and work towards wholeness, acceptance, and peace.

I utilize an eclectic mode of treatment, typically weaving in elements from the psychodynamic, humanistic, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral treatment approaches.       CALL TODAY 773-906-4186